Month: November 2017


The reason for the season. My heart is literally bursting at the seams as I think about all of the things I am grateful for this year. I remember last Thanksgiving thinking I am so lucky and so grateful, how can life get any better? And somehow here we are.

Holiday Feels

Hey loves! The holiday season is just around the corner so I’m starting to pull out all of my wintery dresses! Velvet is definitely a very winter material (can you tell I have an obsession yet?) and the longer hemline on this dress makes it a great outfit for fancy


Hi loves!! It’s back to the burbs in good ole West Texas for me. I’m home for thanksgiving break next week!! I had a ton of great outfits planned for the holidays next week but then my bags got lost on Thursday night….so thats a bit of a pain in

Velvet Crush

There is just something about the New York skyline huh? It’s so gorgeous always. Every single week when I get back to the city on Thursday nights and I’m in the cab when I see the skyline I just feel so lucky to live in New York City. Anyway, above

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