Birthday Reflections


I always get really introspective around New Years and my birthday and any occasions that mark the passing of time. It makes me look back on the past year and think — what have I done this year and what do I want to achieve in the coming year? Do I like the life I am living? Who are the people in my life that bring me joy?


Here are some things I learned this year in no particular order (just a jumble of thoughts, quotes, things I have read that have really spoken to my soul over the past year).

  • Courage is a vital piece of a well-lived life. The courage to show up. The courage to be seen. The courage to be VULNERABLE.
  • You can always make money. You can’t always make memories. Take the trip.
  • Distance, time, boys…..NOTHING can come between true friendship
  • “You will learn a lot about yourself if you stretch in the direction of goodness, of bigness, of kindness, of forgiveness, of emotional bravery. Be a warrior for love.”
  • “I’m down to fuck. Down to fuck with art, with friendship, love, activism and identity. I’m down to fuck with honesty.”
  • I want to be a maker–of art, of love, of cakes. Of music!! Of moments. I want to ADD to everything in my life rather than just be neutral party
  • Being brave enough to live creatively is perhaps one of the most powerful changes I made in my life this year (writing and expressing my thoughts and feelings, exploring sustainable fashion, traveling)
  • The most passionate and meaningful moments of your life you won’t even think about documenting
  • Life is about morning sex when you’re running late, going out dancing on a Tuesday night, blasting music with the windows rolled down and the wind in your hair, drinking til you drop, losing your voice because you stayed up all night singing on a dock. Moments that feel so small and insignificant but all strung together make something bigger that makes life feel worthwhile.


Lastly, I can honestly say I have never felt so loved as I did this year. Aside from the millions of different celebrations I had, I felt SURROUNDED by so much love and friendship. I kind of had an epiphany on my birthday and here I will share a bit of the word vomit that I wrote on Tuesday (my actual day of birth). “Birthdays always get me so introspective and somehow sad because they never live up to your expectations. I can honestly say this year was beyond any expectation I have ever had, but moreover birthdays are just ONE day out of the entire year — what actually matters are the people in your life that show up and are there for you every day. My family. My friends. There are people I talk to EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. without fail. Who know every passing thought that ever goes through my head. Like wow I have so many people that show up and do the hard work of loving me every single day. That’s so beautiful and can’t be captured in one day.”


To my friends. You know who you are. This has been one of the most beautiful seasons of friendship in my life. This quote comes to mind: “This is my journey and I choose to travel alone. To devote my life to adventure and developing passionate connections with like-minded people. I don’t need The One to lead a meaningful life. While some may prefer to live under a single sun, a sky full of stars can light the way just as well.”


Here’s to moments so beautiful I won’t forget for the rest of my LIFE, drunken nights, life talks deeper than the ocean, all of the mistakes I’ve made, laughter….so much laughter, heartache, kissing friends, finding purpose, and creating CONNECTION. The only thing that matters in this life. I can’t wait to see what 24 will bring. xxx Pri




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