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Good Bones

My best friends and I have a group chat that we use to keep in touch with everyone being all over the world/traveling/working all the time/etc. Every week we all try to update each other about our highs and lows. Last week we went through and did our highs and

Turks and Caicos : Long Bay Beach

My favorite beach in all of Turks and Caicos. Literally a dream. We just took our towels and books and camped out all day. ❤

Turks and Caicos : Sapodilla Bay

We headed to Sapodilla Bay on our last full day to catch the sunset and man was it gorgeous. Cotton candy skies were definitely showing off for us! 🙂 This beach doesn’t have anything commercial nearby (so no food or drinks or chairs other than the ones that are by

Turks and Caicos : Grace Bay, Half Moon Bay, Little Iguana Island

Our first full day in Turks and Caicos was by far my favorite and somehow I have the least pics from that day. We woke up early, took a boat ride out to a bunch of different islands and went snorkeling. After snorkeling we went to little iguana island, which

Turks and Caicos : Smith’s Reef

Hi friends, Last Thursday, my friend S and I flew to Turks and Caicos from NYC. Highly recommend as a quick getaway trip as it’s only 3.5 hours!! It was such an easy flight and such a fast process (both customs getting into Turks and getting back into the US

Turks and Caicos : Da Conch Shack

Hi all, This little place in Turks and Caicos was literally the CUTEST place to grab food. If you ever find yourself on the islands this place is a must-visit (along with Bugaloo’s, which had not as great food, but just an amazing of a view and vibe). There is

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